Residential Mortgage Appraisal

At Advanced Appraisals, we offer Residential Mortgage Appraisals for First Mortgage Financing, Second Mortgage Financing, Third Mortgage Financing, Private Mortgage Funds, Re-Finance Transactions and Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOC)

Our qualified, expert and Accredited Appraisers are experienced in their specific Region and understand home values in your area.

We only assign Appraisal Requests to qualified Appraisers, who are competent and have demonstrated satisfactory knowledge and experience, in your specific market area.


Litigation Appraisals

Being involved in a litigation matter is never an easy task, that’s why when you chose to work with Advanced Appraisals, you are hiring a Certified Real Estate Appraiser. We are with you every step of the way from the time you engage us until the time your matter is fully resolved, which includes:

  • An initial consultation
  • Determining the Scope of your Residential Appraisal Report
  • Determining the effective date of your Property Evaluation
  • Establishing a credited Real Estate Evaluation
  • Being an Expert Witness

Net-Worth Evaluations Appraisal

Have you ever been asked to support or prove your net-worth? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This may be the case when you are interested in purchasing a business or franchise.

Advanced Appraisals are experts in performing Accredited Real Estate evaluations, accepted Nationwide!

Our licensed Appraisers will provide a professional, well-supported and credited Appraisal Report of your property.

Capital Gain Evaluation Appraisals

Firstly, and foremostly, it is important to understand what capital gains and capital gain taxes are.

In simple words, Capital Gain is the increase in a property value (or assets), from the time of purchase. Capital Loss is the decrease (or loss) in a property value (or assets) from the time of purchase.

For more information on Capital Gain or Capital Loss, you may visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s website

So, you ask, why do I need an appraisal for capital gain?

  • You own House A and decide to purchase House B and move into House B
  • House A automatically becomes your investment property, from the day House B is purchased
  • When you decide to sell House A, you are required to report your earnings to the Canada Revenue Agency on capital gains.
  • This is where Advanced Appraisals come in to provide you with an evaluation on House A, at the time it became your investment property

It is always a good idea to have an appraisal completed at the time you dispose of a property to avoid complications

Do you need an appraisal report from the past? Don’t worry, advanced appraisals perform retrospective real estate appraisals or evaluations

Estate Settlement Appraisals

Losing a loved one is hard enough; having to settler their estate shouldn’t be! Weather it’s transferring ownership (title) of a residential real-estate property or settling an estate among family members, to ensure fair distributions, you will require a Residential Real-Estate Appraisal.

At Advanced Appraisals, we have certified and professional real-estate appraisers, who can help determine the fair market value of your real-estate property.

Estate Settlement Appraisals

Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Residential Appraisal

Since 2012, Advanced Appraisals has partnered with many home-owner and real-estate agents/brokers in providing an independent opinion of market value by preparing accredited residential appraisal reports for either (a) sale of a residential property or (b) purchase of a residential property.

Sale of a Residential Property:

  • If you have interviewed more than one real-estate agent, you understand the frustration of having to choose a realtor to market your property and in most cases, you end up choosing the one that’s promised you the highest value for your house, who wouldn’t?
  • In some cases, false promises are made and you were forced to sell your property for a lower price than what you initially agreed upon.
  • By working with home-owners and realtors, Advanced Appraisals has gained the reputation of providing fair market value evaluation of residential properties. We are highly relied upon by professionals in the real-estate industry and by home-owners. We have earned the reputation of being the “go-to” company by many real-estate brokerages and home owners within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to obtain an independent opinion of market value of a residential property.
  • An accredited Appraisal Report, produced by one of our Real-Estate appraisers, puts home-owners and realtors at an advantage and helps negotiate a real-estate transaction.

Purchase of a Residential property

  • Have you ever felt your realtor pushing you to purchase a specific property? You’re not alone!
  • Do your ‘due-diligence’ and obtain a professional, independent opinion of fair market value of a house you may be interested in purchasing.
  • An accredited Appraisal Report, produced by one of our Real-Estate appraisers, puts interested home buyers and realtors at an advantage and helps negotiate a real-estate transaction.
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