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Brampton’s Trusted Real Estate Appraisers

Are you planning to buy a home or making any other type of real estate transaction? If yes, a professional property appraisal is a must to do entity to know the fair and actual value of a property.

At Advanced Appraisals, our licensed and certified appraisers will provide you an accurate property evaluation with a detailed report. With years of experience in the real estate industry, we have a proven track record of minimizing lenders time, efforts and costs in the appraisal process.

“At Advanced Appraisals, we have earned a reputation for providing accurate & precise property appraisals.”

Get The Right Value For Your Real Estate Property

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What’s an Appraisal

Want to know the true value of your property? Our experts are here. Call to know more about our appraisal process.

Our Appraisal Process

Interior Inspection

We’ll make a list of assets on the property so you can work on it to improve the value.

Property Condition

We’ll analyze the construction, layout, equipment, rooms, features and improvements.


We’ll give you a precise information about facilities available near to your property.

Property Classification

We’ll determine the potential value of your property by checking the public records.

Our Appraisal Services

Residential Appraisal

  • Single family
  • Duplex, triplex, multi residential
  • Custom built

Commercial Appraisal (Coming Soon)

  • Retail / commercial plazas
  • Malls / store / apartments
  • Car wash / gas stations
  • Offices / Vacant land

Industrial Appraisal (Coming Soon)

  • Single/ multiple occupancy
  • Warehouse / manufacture plants
  • Condominium ownership
  • Vacant land


Looking To Have An Appraisal Done Quickly?

Our Approach To Appraisal Value

At Advanced Appraisals, we follow three general methodologies for determining the exact value of your property. Our approach includes:

  • Cost- is your property new or newly renovated
  • Sales comparison- to establish value of resale.
  • Income- when value is dependent on market rents.



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